After 20 years of engineering work, the area of industries we cover has diversified, consisting of equipment for the steel industry, machinery design and fabrication, power plant water treatment equipment and oil/water separation equipment.

Steel Industry
   1) Continuous Hot Dip Galvanizing Pot Equipment:
        - Air knife
        - Sink/stabilizing/correcting roll assembly units
        - Equipment structural support
        - Edge baffle unit
        - Air knife horizontal/vertical travel unit
        - Strip stabilizer roll unit
        - Minimize spangle unit
        - Air supply unit
        - Pot rolls ceramic bearings rrangement
        - Zn Ingot Manipulator for pot feeding (brochure)
   2) Aluminum Chips Processing equipment

   1) Custom Rotary Dial Table Machine for machining applications:
        - Special Dial Machine, 36" Dia. table, for sharpening special carbide inserts
        - Special Dial machine with 14 vertical/14 horizontal stations for special machining

Power Plant Water Treatment
   1) Chemical Feed System for water treatment:
         - pre-assembled and pre-wired packaged skid system for different chemical applications
         (sulfuric acid, hypochlorite, caustic, oxygen scavenger, phosphate, demulsifier, dispersant)
         - chemical injection from 0 to 1000 gal/hour at up to 3500 psig
         - tank capacity 10 to 4000 gal
         - piping material: SS, Alloy20, PVC/CPVC, PFA, CS, threaded or welded connections
   2) Aqueous ammonia loading/unloading platform for rail road tanks
   3) Aqueous ammonia unloading/transfer skid mounted equipment
            Chemical Feed System - Brochure available for download

Oil/Water Separation Equipment
   1) CPI Separator
   2) API separator Internals
   3) Skimmers
            Oil/Water Separation Equipment - Brochure available for download



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