A little more about us...

        MBN Engineering (MBNE) is an Ohio based engineering firm and has the unique capabilities and advanced tools required to solve today's difficult engineering problems. The MBN staff has experience analyzing all types of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic components. Activities covered range from basic design and testing to product development and research.

        Professional and graduate engineers create our designs. Our people have design experience, which covers the spectrum from the inception through the existing equipment to the final design of advanced equipment. Everyone in our group has a strong technical interest and pride in producing high quality machines and industrial equipment. Many of our projects are performed under unusually rigid budgets, schedules, and functional constraints. MBNE prides itself on its ability to provide unique, yet cost-effective solutions to complex engineering problems.

MBNE's drafting capabilities include AutoCAD Release 2008, SolidWorks, and MathCAD.



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